70s Interracial Sex


Oh man this chocolate babe looked good back in the 70s and she still looks good now. There isn’t near enough interracial sex online, not with hot busty black babes like her. This is a down and dirty black on white sex from 70s pornmakers who knew what we wanted to see. However I don’t believe this couple was worried about the camera they were having too good a time.

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Oh this 70s honey knows how to gild the lilly with hot lingerie and sex smooth stockings. It wouldn’t do to keep it all on though but for the stocking lover stud here she doesn’t take off those silky hose. This is a fresh faced couple from the hot 70s where love might not be free but it sure was easy. Except for the furry muffs on the 70s sluts things haven’t changed too much between now and the 70s when this scene happened.

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70s Slutwear

You simply have to hand it to those 70s street walkers, they knew their slutwear. Start with silky smooth stockings and work up with lacy underthings and hot garters. Everything on them is built to please the eye and be a delight to take off.


A classic babe dressed the way this slut is, can’t avoid seeing some hard cock and this one will. She’s got a guy already and he’s more than willing to unwrap this juicy slut.

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