50s Porn Toons


Surely you did not think that anime and porn toons were invented in the last 10 years? Of course not, it’s a time honored tradition with more than a dash of humor mixed up in the sex with these monster cocked guys and these voluptuously drawn beauties.

Today’s sampling features a luscious lovely from a fairy tale and an evil stepmother and everyone gets the dick in this hot toon. Of course step-mom gets a super sized one!

It’s all good fun from the days of vintage porn, the 1960s with extra tight fuckhole and supersized man sausages!

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This is pure rollicking hardcore straight from the 70s and the hard fucking babes back then. That fuzzy muffin doesn’t get in the way of fucking at all and she’s taking all that dick up her hot little ass as well as pussy! This monster cock guy is sure not sparing the horsepower! It takes a real woman to handle a pounding like that and those classic babes could take it and more. This is a classic from the heyday of porn!

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Being stood up for this 70s babe turned out to be a good thing. She’s sitting there all dressed up with a missing date but this good looking stranger saves the day. He not only gets invited in to use the phone but offered some hot wet fuckhole as well!

If only all girls were so accomodating! She gets what she wants, a fun evening and this old style guy gets some of the tightest pussy he has ever had.

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In this classic porn movie there’s some advantages to a life of crime and this is it. It’s hardcore fucking from three limber and anxious sluts. Now that’s the way to go and especially when a pair of these sluts get down and nasty with each other’s pussies while the third services him.

Talk about visual stimulation! Of course he can’t enjoy the vision of these babes licking snatch too well because he has one sucking like a hoover on his dick. Then it’s time to switch out!

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