They said things were wild in college in the seventies and this retro porn says it all. What better way to keep your dorm mate quiet about the girl in the room than to share her? I believe that would even work today, though seems to me that college girls are a little more relucant to share that snatch. Now this coed is not only a sharing sort but she’s got a nice little beaver to share as well.

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Vintage Lesbian S&M


If this is the porn our great grandaddies kept in the outhouse…well I am speechless. This gallery is a collage of lesbian S&M with some pretty interesting stuff like breast bondage and ball gags. Hard to imagine, right? Well it gets better and some of these babes really look like they enjoyed the pain. I guess even way back when they found ropes and gags pretty useful and plenty of babes to take them up on the invitation. I did enjoy this one because it’s a glimpse of the past the old folks don’t tell you about!

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