These curious 1970s schoolgirls have found some super interesting porn when over at a friend’s house. They are not offended but instead curious and take this opportunity to explore a threesome with their male study buddy. Little does he know what they were getting ready for until he comes back into the room. They may be failing english lit but they will get an A in sex education.

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Round Latina Ass


Guys in the 1970s appreciated those hot latin beauties as much as we do today. This one though, she’s hotter than most and is willing, no she’s eager to take on both these guys at once. Theydon’t stop on the stairs to admire her bare butt too long instead move on to a place with more privacy where they can fuck this seventies babe silly.

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Vintage Doctor Porn


When these xxx 1940s porn movies were made, doctors did not have to have nurses in the room with them. Even if they did this doc had no need of an assistant he was going bush diving. Those vintage dolls had never had a razor used on their muffs so you can bet that was some thick bush he was diving in.

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This hot exotic dancer from the 1950s porn era certainly went a lot further than just showing her undies or those nice legs. In fact she did not even wear stockings though they were a big deal in dancers and women in the Fifies. Just watch these samples though and you will see this hottie has no need of any of it.

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Retro Fuck Toy


This hardcore double fuck was taken from the 60s and this messy teen is surely being ridden hard and put up…yes wet very wet. In the meantime she has two horny studs stuffing her with two cocks in this hard fucking movie that would stand up even today! You like DP? This retro fuck can stand up to any of today’s dp porn.

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Most of the vintage porn collections from Vintage Classic Porn have an approximate decade listed. This current sampling though is difficult to pinpoint but the beauties are riveting and unique nonetheless. In this awesome sampling of retro porn from years gone by we see the gorgeous babes who quickened the heartbeats and hardened the rods of any guy lucky enough to catch them at their most revealing. This collection is outdoor focused and the pretty ladies here are all captured at their best by a photographer who was just as captivated as you are sure to be.

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Vintage 50s Boobs


This is a pair of pure old fashioned 1940s knockers that were super fine for the day and age and still look mighty fine even now. Stockings were a big deal back in the Forties and those are something we just don’t see near enoughof now. I bet if she turned around you could see seams running up the backside. This little porn snapshot was taken as if this blonde 40s honey were caught in the middle of dressing.

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If I were just guessing I would have placed this classic looking nude back in the 1920s, but she really comes from a set of1950s porn. You rarely if ever see such pretty girls posed in revealing but not overtly sexual poses today. This was what turned on the guys in the 1950s and works for us even now! This blonde beauty is waiting along with thousands of other girls from the 1920s on up. Vintage classic porn at its best.

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Today’s sampling from Vintage Classic Porn is a bevy of blonde beauties and their bountiful butts straight from the fifties. Most of these cuties are caught from behind which seems to be their best feature. Anorexia was not “in” in the 1950s and these vintage porn models acutally had some curves and ass. The fifties were the heyday of porn for butt loving men.

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Every pussy in this vintage porn shoot from the Fiftys is paired up with an equally hot girl. I suppose grams might have had what she called “a conniption fit” if she found these hidden somewhere but I just bet this is the porn gramps looked at. Not that these ladies don’t have some nice tits and ass. However I just bet it was all it took for a guy from the 50s to shoot his load.

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